To support all pedagogical activities, research development and campus life in the University with outstanding management service.


To ensure the best development of campus environment for all stakeholders with effective resource utilisation and high-quality services.


  • Being excellence-driven in administering campus environment and facilities.

  • Passion
  • Being passionate in fulfiling all roles and responsibilities.

  • Synergism
  • Being ready for synergising and optimising projects and tasks.

  • Relevance
  • Being relevant to all stakeholders in supporting campus environment and facilities development.

The Office

Director of Campus Development
  • Mr. Kavan Li
  • Tel: 2804 8408

Facilities Manager
  • Mr. Simon Tang
  • Tel: 2804 8410

Assistant Facilities Manager
  • Mr. Vincent Lee
  • Tel: 2804 8411

Facilities Officer
  • Ms. Sandy Law
  • Tel: 2804 8565

Assistant Facilities Officer
  • Ms. Patricia Leung
  • Tel: 2804 8578