Major areas

With reference to the 17 sustainable development goals set out by United Nations in 2025, HKSYU will advance sustainable development cultures and practices in the following areas.


HKSYU is committed to pursuing sustainable development as far as reasonably practicable for a sustainable future. The Sustainable Development Team is responsible for establishing good initiatives and measures for the purposes.


Terms of Reference

  1. To promote awareness and understanding of sustainable development;
  2. To conduct regular reviews of matters related to sustainable development;
  3. To facilitate members of the University to organize/participate in events and activities related to sustainable development;
  4. To make recommendations on advancing sustainable development.



Vice President

(University Administration)

Prof. Cheung Siu Keung


Associate Vice President (Student Affairs)

Director of Campus Development

Assistant Administrative Manager (University Administration)

Ms. Sophia Yip

Mr. Kavan Li

Mr. Vincent Ho


A staff from the Office of the Vice President (University Administration)